Celebrity Big Brother: Season 4

Jan. 05, 2006
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Celebrity Big Brother 2006, also known as Celebrity Big Brother 4, was the fourth series of the British reality television series Celebrity Big Brother. It was hosted by Davina McCall and was broadcast on Channel 4 from 5 January 2006 until 27 January 2006, running for three weeks.

Eleven housemates entered the house on Launch Night, only ten of them were being paid for their appearance, Chantelle Houghton who was the first to enter the house had actually auditioned for the sixth non-celebrity series the previous summer, but was instead selected to enter the celebrity series. Her secret mission was to pretend she was a member of girlband Kandy Floss, she convinced the others that she was a celebrity, and was ultimately allowed to stay, failure would have resulted in her departure from the house.

This series was notable for a number of controversies, such as the participation of Respect MP George Galloway. 1980’s pop star Pete Burns brought a coat made from gorilla fur among his possessions, the coat was removed from the house on Day 16, following complaints from viewers and housemates, it was later discovered the coat was made from colobus monkey. No charges were brought forward as it was believed the coat was imported before colobus fur became illegal in 1975.

  • There are still no episodes this season