AdSense Program Policies

All distributers are expected to stick to the Google Distributer Strategies and the accompanying approaches, so kindly read them cautiously. Assuming you neglect to follow these strategies without consent from Google, we maintain all authority to incapacitate promotion serving to your site and additionally cripple your AdSense account whenever. Assuming that your record is debilitated, you won’t be qualified for additional investment in the AdSense program.

Since we might change our arrangements out of the blue, if it’s not too much trouble, check here regularly for refreshes. As per our web-based Agreements, it’s your obligation to stay up with the latest with, and stick to, the arrangements posted here. Special cases for these strategies are allowed distinctly with approval from Google.

Distributers might put AdSense code on pages with content in extent of the Google Distributer Limitations, however this content will probably get less publicizing than other, nonrestricted content.

Invalid snaps and impressions

Distributers may not click their own promotions or utilize any means to expand impressions and additionally clicks misleadingly, including manual strategies.

Empowering snaps or perspectives (non-compensated stock)

Aside from compensated stock, distributers may not request that others snap or view their advertisements or utilize tricky execution strategies to get snaps or perspectives. This incorporates, yet isn’t restricted to, offering pay to clients for review advertisements or performing look, encouraging to fund-raise for outsiders for such way of behaving or setting pictures close to individual promotions.

Traffic sources

Google advertisements may not be put on pages getting traffic from specific sources. For instance, distributers may avoid paid-to-click programs, send undesirable messages or show promotions as the consequence of the activity of any product application. Additionally, distributers utilizing internet promoting should guarantee that their pages agree with Google’s Point of arrival Quality Rules.

Promotion conduct

Distributers are allowed to make adjustments to the AdSense promotion code insofar as those changes don’t falsely expand promotion execution or damage sponsors. If it’s not too much trouble, see adjustment of the AdSense advertisement code for more data.

Advertisement arrangement

Distributers are urged to try different things with an assortment of arrangements and promotion designs. Notwithstanding, AdSense code may not be set in improper places, for example, pop-ups, messages or programming. Distributers should likewise stick to the approaches for every item utilized. If it’s not too much trouble, see our promotion situation strategies article for more data.

Site conduct

Locales showing Google advertisements ought to be simple for clients to explore. Destinations may not change client inclinations, divert clients to undesirable sites, start downloads, incorporate malware or contain pop-ups or pop-unders that obstruct website route.

Misleading site route

Distributers may not involve misleading execution techniques that place promotions in a manner that may be confused with menu, route or download connections to acquire snaps or perspectives. Remember that each distributer is dependable to guarantee that their advertisement execution sticks to the promotion position arrangements.

This incorporates, however isn’t restricted to:

  • Bogus cases of streaming substance, or downloads
    Connecting to content that doesn’t exist
    Diverting clients to unimportant, or deluding site pages
    Different kinds of route that is intended to purposefully deceive clients
    Pages where promotions are executed in positions that are naturally implied for route.

Specialized necessities

  • To assist you with giving a quality client experience, Google has created specialized details for destinations showing Google promotions. We just permit locales that agree with these specialized determinations. Kindly survey beneath for itemized specialized necessities:

Design prerequisites


  • AdSense for content (AFC) and Promotion Trade (AdX) show advertisements are not upheld through all WebView advancements. Application designers wishing to adapt by distributing AFC and AdX show advertisements through a WebView should utilize one of the accompanying upheld seeing casings:
    Android: Chrome Custom Tab
  • iOS: SFSafariViewController (iOS9 and iOS10 as it were)
  • Google AdMob and AdX in-application advertisements might be displayed in an application close to a WebView inasmuch as the Google Versatile Promotions SDK is being used and the distributer is consistent with any remaining AdSense program arrangements.